Mobile Website design/steps for Android, Iphone etc

This blog puts together the Steps to create a mobile website for your main website.
-- Zahid Shaikh

Monitoring KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) using JBoss JMX-Console

This blogs shows how some of the important KPI's (HTTP Threads, Database Connections, HTTP Sessions and JVM Free Memory) can be monitored using JBoss JMX-Console application.
-- Mahesh Patil

Hyperic Plugin for JBoss; monitoring Active Sessions

This blog shows how an Hyperic Plugin for JBoss can be developed to monitor Active Sessions of Applications deployed on JBoss. This plugin is based on the Hyperic HQ 4.2 and JBoss Enterprise Application server 4.2. I'm sure it would work with other versions with minor changes.
-- Mahesh Patil

RESTful web service using Jersey

In this blog I'm going to show how quickly and easily a RESTful web service can be built using Jersey.
-- Mahesh Patil

Web services design tips

This blog covers the points which needs to be considered while designing a web service based architecture.
-- Zahid Shaikh

Learning to dance

Remember dance is something anyone can do. Its an expression; If you can smile, laugh, shout, clap, then you can dance...
-- Prasad Pawar

How to find time for everything

This is dedicated to people, who most of the time says that they don't get time (or find time). Is it really that hard to find time? But then how come some people always have time for all of their work and the additional work that just turns up and needs to be addressed?
-- Mahesh Patil

Creating form based applications in few minutes - using Zoho creator

This article shows how an Application (Form based) can be created and deployed in few minutes using Zoho Creator.
-- Mahesh Patil

Google Application Engine - Simple Java Application

This is a Hello World Java application using Google App Engine. This articles shows step by step process using Google App Engine for creating simple Java Application.
-- Mahesh Patil